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First OA Company Won Accreditation of the National Five Ministries Two Policies Contributive to Today's Achievements
Release Date:2017-08-10 Browse Times:3339

Abstract:  About the accreditation of " Key Software Enterprise in State Planning System ", Weaver's executive VP Wang Chenzhi thought that Weaver has won the accreditation mostly because its two policies. Firstly, accelerate localization service capabilities for customers; secondly, accelerate improving products and developing deep applications.

Recently, in the "Notice of the list of key software and integrated circuit design companies in 2011-2012 State Planning System " identified by the five ministries, namely NDRC, MIIT, Ministry of Finance, MOFCOM and State Administration of Taxation, Weaver is the only company on the list in the OA industry.

OA厂商首获五部委认定 两大政策推动今日成就2.jpg

It is understood that the examination and accreditation by the five ministries is an important measure to encourage and promote the backbone and key enterprises to accelerate development. The condition to list on the "Key Software Enterprise in State Planning System" is very strict and the threshold of the declaration is getting higher and higher. On one side, examine on some fixed targets like value of export and annual operation revenue, on the other side, implement the qualification system of enterprise annual review and survival of the fittest.

In the IT field, some listing companies are on the list like Yonyou Software(600588), ZQGAME(300052), ENJOYOR(300020) SUNYARD(600571), HUNDSUN(600570), HIKVISION(002415), Focused Photonics Inc(300203) and THUNISOFT(300271).

As one of the few unlisted IT company, Weaver has been the first OA company elected on the list which marks OA industry, as a new generation of force in the IT industry, being supported by the national strategy, gradually getting industry recognition and beginning to flourish.

Weaver's EVP Wang Chenzhi thought that Weaver has won the accreditation mostly because its two policies. Firstly, accelerate localization service capabilities for customers; secondly, accelerate to improve products and develop deep applications.


strengthen localization service capabilities for customers

Founded in 2001, Weaver has deployed in the national market since 2003 after two-year R&D. Now, it has 7 regional centers in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Fujian, Jiangsu and Anhui, northern China, southern China, southwest of China and the central of China; 85 national branches covering R&D, consultation, marketing, sales, implementation and customer service with nearly 1300 staff. Now, Weaver is an OA company owning the most institutions and the widest market.

 According to the vice president Yuan Lisong's introduction, the goal of creating such a great market is to strengthen localization service capabilities for customers. Weaver has been committed to building the future framework of serving customers within 2 hours. As long as the customer has a request, our people will arrive at the scene within 2 hours. In the future, the competition between software companies is more about service, so the key lies in strengthening localization service capabilities for customers and responding to customers' needs in time.


accelerate to improve products and develop deep applications

In terms of the maturity of products and solutions, Weaver has developed three core applications targeting start-ups, growing companies and group enterprises. In terms of the industry application, with the widest coverage of products and solutions in the industry, Weaver has now been an OA company covering 86 subdivisions from the real estate to manufacturing, health care, IT, finance, logistics, hotels and government institutions.

It is understood that Weaver's synergistic research institute established in recent two years has extracted some representative  companies with deep informatization applications among its 16000 customers. The future direction of OA application and the technical challenges facing all OA companies are the concerns of OA experts.

Weaver's EVP Wang Chenzhi explain that: the OA application is a specific management behavior in China , so its market is different from that of ERP. The future OA applications cannot directly copy the experience and product models of foreign companies.

The future deep OA applications must generate from the customers that we've served for 5 years or even 10 years. On the basis of our over one decade professional experience, only when we get closer with our customers and fully understand their needs can we create deep OA applications valuable to customers.

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