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Kun Peng Partner Conference--Weaver unveils its plan of subsidizing partners to make OA universal
Release Date:2018-03-22 Browse Times:2137


On the afternoon of March 21, under the theme of " Share Billions of Funds, Create Software Alliances ", Weaver held the Kun Peng Partner Conference at Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel, and Weaver invited thousands of elites in the management software industry to attend the meeting in Shanghai to discuss the OA partner program and promote mobile officing.


(At the Scene)

At the conference, Weaver firstly published Kun Peng Program which generated great impact and issued a subsidy of RMB 100 million to call for partners from various management software industries such as ERP, CRM, and HRM to jointly create software alliances so as to meet the needs of customers by diversified products. The conference is not only an attempt to innovate the business model, but also brings business opportunities for countless industry partners.

Highlight One: 100 million Yuan of Funds

One of the core of the conference is to leave revenue to partners. Weaver officially promised at the conference: "If people around you need mobile officing, please introduce eteams to him, the public cloud product from Weaver, and report to us. The sales revenue of the first year belongs to you."

Meanwhile, Weaver also conveyed its sincerity and was willing to provide partners with support in all aspects such as platform support, product training, pre-sales services, and customer service.


(e-teams General Manager Xiong Xuewu: Initiate Billions Yuan to Support Partners)

Highlight Two: Focus on Innovative Products

At the conference, Weaver announced the main product in the Kun Peng Program: the mobile officing cloud OA platform: eteams. After 7 years of R&D, now e-teams is stable and with rich functionalities. It is applicable to all types of organizations and to different scenarios. At present, 400,000 enterprises have registered in e-teams. Customers can use our system just after registration and without any other conditions. Whenever customers need e-teams, partners can send the registration page to the customer. After signing the contract, the partner can obtain the supporting fund from Weaver.

Highlight Three: Use the partner alliance as a bridge

As a professional OA software provider, Weaver's development cannot be achieved without partners' support. At this conference, Weaver first put forward the cooperation model based on "platform support + financial incentives", and vigorously support partners and serve customers by establishing 100 million yuan fund! Weaver shared its forecast for the future market with thousands of industry partners at the conference: “At present, it is in the golden decade of OA industry. With the popularity of mobile internet, the intelligent mobile officing will surely embrace its golden development time in the next decade."

The market space is getting bigger and bigger and the customer demands are more and more diversified. How to serve the customer better? The key lies in cooperating with more partners, fully integrating product technology resources, and serving customers in a more professional manner.


(Jointly Create the Software Alliance)

The market space is getting bigger and bigger and the customer demands are more and more diversified. How to serve the customer better? The key lies in cooperating with more partners, fully integrating product technology resources, and serving customers in a more professional manner.

Highlight Four: Take resources sharing as an opportunity

At this conference, Weaver made a detailed summary of its customer resources over the past years. Chen Chi, Weaver's Shanghai Regional general manager, said: Weaver has served more than 20,000 middle and large-sized companies and contacts more than 100,000 new companies every year. It's firmly acknowledged that if we can achieve "customer resources sharing" with management softwares such as ERP, CRM, HRM and BPM, we can develop and provide new products and services through new business opportunities and new demands. This is also the core of Kun Peng Partner Conference, with the help of our partners, we work together to serve our customers, enable more organizations to fully embrace mobile officing, benefit from Weaver's collaborative software, and strive to move toward intelligent officing.


(Pictures at the Scene)

Kun Peng Partner Program is a new exploration of future development model in the OA industry. From team placement to amoeba model, with the open software alliance mechanism, we can form a nationwide IT alliance circle through partners to meet the diversified requirements of customers. In the future, Weaver will use the Kun Peng Program as a link to connect customers and services, and create a platform to integrate products and needs. On the basis of win-win cooperation, it will prosper the mobile officing market and promote mobile officing.

As the only "National Key Software Enterprises" and listed company on the main board in the OA industry (stock code:603039), Weaver always gives top priority to customer satisfaction and partner participation. We have successfully served more than 20,000 customers with our profession. We have more than 20 in the Fortune Global 500, 100 in the Fortune China 500, and 600 listed companies, among them more than 500 companies have used Weaver's OA systems for more than a decade.


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