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Weaver Launched an Integral Solution of "invest, finance, manage, withdraw"
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Managing investment project is the most challenging work for enterprises.


Scientific and thoughtful investment project management process is the basis for enterprises to standardize investment behavior, prevent investment risks and improve investment returns.

Investment project management, OA, knowledge management are the common demand for a lot of investment companies.

In the past, investment managers often need to use three systems to achieve the above functions and these systems are isolated from each other.

Now, Weaver has released a new generation of synergistic management platform with the core of mobility, socialization, platform and cloud.

This can not only builds the investment platform covering the whole processes of investment on the basis of "invest, finance, manage, withdraw", but also meets the business requirements of establishing review &approval workflow, information portal and knowledge documents. So that managers at any time can master the investment projects and the status of business operation .

Weaver's project management platform can be applied to the event (business) at a clear stage; be classified according to different phases of different industries and business; and the business segments at various stages can be adjusted according to the actual business and management needs.



Collect investment projects: "investing" is the first step in the investment process. The investment team screens out the promising projects and put these into the project library, then searches projects information according to the specific requirements and forms the complete files.

Establish projects: including previous marketing research and the decision to establish projects.

Investment manager formed the interview report after the field interview, and then the management team decides whether to formally establish the project

Project internal review: including the due diligence investigation and the decisions of investment decision committee

The investment team conducts the due diligence investigation of the business, financial and legal status of the invested projects. Based on the due diligence report, the team finishes compiling the project investment proposal, conducts internal discussions and reviews the key risks.

Project decision: including the complementary due diligence investigation, decisions of investment and signing investment contracts

 According to the recommendations of the investment decision committee, the project team will complete the due diligence investigation on the supplementary materials and update the project investment proposal.

And report to the board of directors for discussion and approval of the investment decisions. Following the decisions made by the board of directors, an investment agreement will be signed with the project partner.



Finance: including fund raising, establishment, operation and liquidation.

Fund raising includes three phases, namely fund formation planning, road shows and understanding investors investing intent.

Fund establishment includes investors review, investors confirmation, signing fund agreement, return visit to investors and fund registration.

Fund operation includes fund request, actual contributions, management fees charging, earnings distribution, fund record, fund management report and major changes of fund.

Fund liquidation includes reviewing the resolution of the board of directors, formulating and conforming the withdrawal plan and various decisions of distribution.


 Project management means compiling the project management program by the person in charge and the team members, including the project organization, personnel, decision-making institution and rules of procedure all of which will be submitted to the general manager office to review and approve.

After the approval, implement the post-investment management business according to the management plan such as project development plan and project budget management.


Project withdrawal:


Fund withdrawal:


Withdrawal has a strict business process. The system will strictly implement each step according to the preset rules.

be in accordance with pre-established rules, 

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